Methodology of Researching

Mentor & Guide uses a mixed methodology allows you to implement the strengths of both qualitative and quantitative research methods. In some cases, you may find that your research project would benefit from this. This approach is beneficial because it allows each methodology to counteract the weaknesses of the others.

What should you do to decide on a research methodology?

The most logical way to determine your methodology is to decide whether you plan on conducting qualitative or qualitative research. You also have the option to implement a mixed methods approach. You should also look for key words that indicate a specific type of research methodology in your hypothesis or proposal. Some words may lean more towards one methodology over another.

Quantitative Research Key Words:

  • How many
  • Test
  • Verify
  • How often
  • How satisfied

Qualitative Research Key Words

  • Discover
  • Motivation
  • Experiences
  • Thoughts/Think
  • Problems
  • Behavior
  • What are
  • Relationship

Mentor & Guide will help you build your research methodology and implement it.

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