What you don't know is more important than the things you know.

This test measures 11 main attitudes, the below is a sample:

The level of stress & tension:

lack of self-management and bad or toxic relationships with others.

Money management skills:

How you think of money, how you deal with it personally and with other people, what money is to you and how you understand it.

Work Behavior:

Measures how you are shaping your career, personal life, and financial stability according to your beliefs. How your personality works best at work and how you tend to use it to your benefit. 

Are you an Entrepreneur or an Employee?

Self Confidence:

How you perceive yourself and how others perceive you. Also, this trait spectrum will show you how others see you in terms of looking confident. (This trait spectrum will show you how confident you seem to others)

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A sample of your results:

Level of Stress and Tension:

Your levels of tension and stress are high. You have frequent disagreements with people around you. You have a tendency to run and escape toward situations that make you feel peaceful in order to avoid confrontations.

Money management skills:

You neglect your economic wellbeing; you consider money will come to you eventually. You have a day by day approach. You think strategizing money is not for you. If you don’t start working on this immediately, you will be stuck in debt your whole life.

Work Behavior:

You have strong beliefs in your work.  You possess a vision that has an impact on yourself and others. You are great for entrepreneurship and find it hard to be an employee where the vision is narrowed.

Self Confidence:

You have a difficulty building relationships since you are chronically affected by toxic people.  

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Recent Reviews

Name: Moustapha

The questions woke me to several topics I was neglecting. The results gave me the reason why I was stuck in my place and I didn’t know until now…

Name: Elio

I normally hate these kinds of tests and find them hard to complete, but this one was very easy to take. My results were very helpful and accurate, and I was very impressed with it! I was living between toxic people and I didn’t know it.

Name: Joumana

This test was quick and easy… The results were insightful; however the full report is what did it! The findings were very accurate and detailed… It helped me to understand myself more.. there were a few surprises thrown in. Also Gave me words to who I am.

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What is this questionnaire based on?

This test is based on algorithms using brain science, distorted thinking, emotional fallacies, profound stress, Burn out, Procrastination & cognitive science.  

How long is this questionnaire?

About 10 minutes to complete.

What will my results for this questionnaire would look like?

You will first see a brief as key points from your results. After reviewing your brief report, you then can read your full report on the same page in your email. 

Would my results and answers be confidential, secure, and private?

All information filled by the client such as email addresses and answers checked are confidential and legally privileged. This information cannot be seen or checked by our company.

What is the expected time to receive my results?

About 10 to 30 seconds the results will be sent to your email.

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