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Meet Mentor & Guide Team

  • Joseph El Feghaly

    • Founder of Mentor & Guide company and platform and Specialist/Advisor in capacity development across the Middle East.
    • Committed to the development of institutions and empowerment of youth and women in social and economic life to support regional community resiliency.
  • Dayane Bou Issa

    • Customer satisfaction expert, branding and communication, marketing and sales at Mentor & Guide.
    • Excellent performance in sales and on social media platforms.Works fluently in teams and on Microsoft office with outstanding organization skills.
    • Marketing and advertising expert with a wide range of experience.
  • Stephanie Marouni

    • Experienced in finance, accounting and auditing for more than 7 years.
    • Certified Master Coach, leading the master coaching program trial sessions and sales pitch.
    • My vision is to be able to make a lasting impact in my field on people who are seeking for a roadmap to their goals and to be a creative advanced coach and set trends through my innovative ideas.
  • Abdallah Abi Raad

    • MSMEs: Business Development Specialist, Trainer and Coach.
    • Specialized in Human Resources management, leadership and economics sciences.
    • Lead trainer with Mentor & Guide
  • Mishelle Jabbour

    • Specialized in Educational Psychology, Yoga Teaching and Master Coaching.
    • Integrating this union to guide individuals to an action path to find their true selves.
    • Her major role at Mentor & Guide academy is assisting in the graduation process, following up with the coaches individually on their learning journey.
    • Conducting learning webinars about coaching and collective learning sessions for future graduates.
  • Siba Nehme

    Mentor & Guide researcher and support.

    • Researcher at Mentor and Guide.
    • She Provides consecutive or simultaneous translation between languages (Arabic and English).
    • Translates documents and other material from Arabic to English and vice versa.
    • Manages correspondence, reports and documents.
  • The infrastructure of you support

    Our team, comprised of seasoned professionals in the coaching industry, is committed to guiding and empowering you every step of the way. From in-depth knowledge of coaching methodologies to practical insights into client interactions, our experts provide a comprehensive and enriching learning experience. You’ll benefit from personalized mentorship, gaining valuable feedback and honing your coaching skills under the guidance of individuals who have excelled in the field. With their wealth of experience, our team is here not just to instruct but to inspire, ensuring you emerge as a confident, skilled, and certified coach ready to make a meaningful impact in the world of coaching.


Mentor & Guide improves the overall environment and productivity in the individual, group, community, and business levels through assessments, workshops, guidance, and mentoring programs based on a scientific approach and human facilitation.


We prioritize human-to-human engagements using proved scientific approaches in building mutual exchanges and adaptation to achieve better community and culture.
Our way is self-reflective, constructive and we have the courage to tackle the difficult conversations while promoting a safe space and maintaining confidentiality.


  • Innovative and proven scientific solutions.
  • Impactful and sustainable on the individual and doesn’t require follow-up.
  • Influential and measurable on the environment.
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