Dear future international coaches,

You have always been a great resource for others.

You have always led by example, your presence in their lives, listening to them, putting yourself in their shoes, and assisting them with your guidance.

But sometimes it’s frustrating because people don’t always pay attention when they look and listen, or even worse, they ask for your advice but don’t actually take it.

How many times have you wished to acquire more skills and INFLUENCE to help your clients CHANGE?

What You Will Get from This Program

World-class standard business practices, templates/forms and marketing strategies/materials specifically tailored to meet your coaching needs.

Step-by-step instruction on how to use the institute’s extensive behavioral toolkit (behavioral change techniques and tools that produce measurable and sustainable behavioral change in a short time frame)

supported by the world’s leading professional experts in their field

You will get access to mentor & guide academy books, articles and 20 other trainings on life skills, psycho-social support, interpersonal skills, leadership, management of high-pressure situations.

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