Coaching Diploma

A High-Performance Behavioral Coach provides a positive alignment to an organization that delivers a sense of security and allows organizations to be more capable of dealing with change via growth and/or disruption.

We all must learn how to adapt within a new health and economic environment. Workplaces and learning institutions are significantly and permanently changing the way people are developed, protected, and cared for.

  • New upgraded tools with few experts have limited access to
  • Upgrade that you will become certified Diploma course instructor
  • Duration from 4 to 6 months case studies
  • You learn to use proprietary, proven Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention Models (employing the latest evidence-based methodology from neuroscience, neuropsychology and allied behavioral sciences fields). Note: The Change Models and tools are only available through this course.
  • Diploma students will receive a diploma and priority to business packages also the access to franchise Mentor & Guide in different countries
  • Additional certification from corporate wellness solutions
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